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2018 Infiniti QX80 Specs, Photos Gallery

2018 Infiniti Qx80 Rear Pictures 1200x675

Standing as an example of the “bigger is better” philosophy, the Infiniti QX80 is a worthy vehicle in the full-sized luxury SUV class that offers a powerful V8 engine and above average towing capability. Off-road skill, is not its strong point, because the QX80 is more prepared to urban roads or pulling boats into the river. In that situations, the 2018 Infiniti QX80 is quite good, providing its passengers with comfortable cabins and a range of high-tech features.

Since the QX80 is designed to be a more versatile and weather-friendly luxury vehicle than a jungle tamer, rough outdoor enthusiasts may want to look elsewhere. But those looking for a well-equipped luxury SUV should be well served by the 2018 Infiniti QX80.

The 2018 Infiniti QX80 is a full-size luxury SUV with seating up to eight passengers. It’s offered in a single, well-equipped trim levels.

Under the hood, the 2018 Infiniti QX80 is backed by a 5.6-liter V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting mode and rear-wheel drive are standard. Four-wheel drive with low-range gearing is optional.

In track testing, the 2018 Infiniti QX80 with four-wheel drive went from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds, which is a little quicker than average for a vehicle in this class. The EPA estimated fuel economy for the rear-wheel-drive at 16 mpg combined (14 city/20 highway), while the 4WD model drops to 15 mpg combined (13 city/19 highway).

Properly equipped, the 2018 Infiniti QX80 maximum towing capacity up to 8,500 pounds and also features a self-leveling rear suspension.

The 2018 Infiniti QX80 price list: QX80 RWD $65,745; QX80 AWD $68,845

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